Let The Rain Fall

12980410_10209401045485453_434701474_nI’m nestled on the sofa, a hot mug of coffee just a stretch of the arm to my left. Wedged tightly beside me, her long gangly limbs taking up the length of the furniture, is Heidi, the lazy short haired German pointer, whose soft snoring acts as an accompaniment to the heavy rain that beats against the window. It’s peaceful within, a little oasis of calm. The wind whistles and howls down the chimney but the fire burns brightly. There’s a storm brewing, they say the weather forecast is going to be bad for the rest of the week. I hope so. I welcome it.

I welcome the rain and the storm clouds.  I welcome the fact that I am forced to remain indoors. Me and the dog, in our own lazy bubble.

It forces me to focus on the things that bring me joy – writing;  I have a pile of editing to do (re-discovering characters I wrote over two years ago and finding out what they have got up to in my absence) and who knows how the weather will inspire me? Maybe I’ll scribble a piece of romantic fiction for someone to read on another rainy day with a side order of chocolate? Or there’s the mound of books on my Kindle to dip into and a pile of library books requiring my urgent attention.
If that doesn’t keep me happily absorbed there are movies and box sets to catch up on not to mention the final few episodes of last season’s  Walking Dead.

An evening of blissful occupation stretches out ahead of me so let the rain fall and the wind blow.
From our place on the sofa, Heidi and I, we’ve got it covered.

This is a guest post by Fiona Cooke Hogan ( View Bio)


Author: Crystal Gard

I’m a 30 year old Canadian with 3 adorable cats! I’m an avid reader, scrapbooker, blogger, crafter including jewelery making , mixed media art, and watercolour art, among many others and of course cat lover!


11 thoughts on “Let The Rain Fall

  1. Hi Fiona ,
    this all sounds familiar to me ,I too like the rain and sometimes I am even happy for the snow and cold weather. This lets me do things inside undistracted . Ans ,yes, beside the fireplace 🙂
    I like you image it is beautiful.
    Thank you for this experience

  2. In our state is often, but not always blows through with a lot of noise and a light show. We get our coffee and sometimes get our rosary too! Hahaha

  3. That was a joy to read! I love rainy days when I can stay in and just enjoy being at home, nothing to do, maybe watch a film or just cuddle with the dog. Bliss!

    Enjoy the journey!

  4. This is a short post but SO lovely! I really enjoyed reading it. I enjoy the rain and the sound that it makes on the window.
    I also could totally relate about writing – personally, I am passionate about it and probably this is one of the main reasons that I decided to become a blogger myself. Having your own blog is like having a real estate online – you can share so much value to people and have a chance to make money with it too.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Fiona!

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