How to make those Fashion Colours last!

It was a couple years ago now that I decided to have fun with fashion colours in my hair.  I first decided to try this out with what is called a peek a boo.  I went to a salon to have this done as I was not familiar with fashion colours and did not want to deal with lightning my  naturally dark hair on my own.  Since that first trip to the salon I decided to have more fun and took the plunge to all over fashion colours. It took some time to get used to the differences between taking care of fashion colours & the run of the mill more mainstream colours like browns and blondes etc. This is my experience with fashion colours.  I am not a colorist and it is best to speak to your colorist about how to deal with these colours.1604917_10152222910641757_1549727911_n





I found that when you have fashion colours that if you want them to last when you shower the less water that comes into contact with your hair the better.  Also that the water used on your hair should be freezing cold…yes I did say  freezing cold.  To accomplish this I would wash my hair first and then pat it dry with a towel and put my hair up in a shower cap to prevent the water from touching my hair anymore and allow me to then add heat to the water. Shampoos that don’t create as much lather works better too. I used a vegan shampoo by ABBA

After dry your hair fully with a blow dryer.  If you let your hair drip dry I found that the dye would come out more and wouldn’t stay as vibrant. I also found that although better for your hair that the dyes you can do at home or that are non-chemical barely lasted and didn’t stay vibrant. The best dye I found and still love for fashion colours is  Goldwell Elumen a high performance permanent hair colour. Click for more info

The first few dyes I had to go back every month to keep it vibrant and avoid the colour from completely coming out;after a year the frequency went down to once every two months and finally every 4 months.  This involved one month bleaching/recoloring and the next just recoloring. It has been almost 2 years now that I have been growing out my hair and fashion colours, and there is still a light baby pink shade left at the ends. I found that the longer that I used the same colour it became more permanent. My colourist told me this was because it was a hair stain and it will become more permanent when using the same colours continuously.




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  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    Awesome tips that you have here! Vibrant colored hair dyes are really in these days and it would be nice to learn how to maintain them. Thanks for this post, it’s really helpful.

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