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Call of Duty Black Ops is a first person shooter game.  It can be a scary and graphic game for some.  It is rated as M for mature audiences for a reason.  This is not really a game that the faint of heart would probably want to play. Before starting game play the game does give you the option to avoid the more graphic content of the game, warning that some of what you may see can be disturbing.
This game has become a huge hit and has many spin-off games to it as well. I was skeptical to try this and thought that I wouldn’t like it as it may be fairly hard to play. I actually very happily found that this game was very easy to play. It has a great story mode to Photo by Crystal Gard @ http://www.gardhub.caplay and although it was gory I wasn’t bothered by the graphic content of the game. You play most of the game as Alex Mason , he is a soldier that is being held and interrogated to retrieve information that he isn’t able to remember.  As he starts to remember pieces of information you play most of it through as him in the memories.  The game can be set to your preferred level of difficulty and seems that some of it is on an autopilot type of story mode. Sometimes even if you do not do what they want you to do it will turn out the same anyways. I liked the flow of the story line and preferred it to the zombie option.  The graphic are very good and even the background music etc is pretty good too. If you are still wanting to play Call of Duty but the gore is a bit much for you then try the multiplayer mode. This has much less gore.    When first playing this game it can be a bit overwhelming at first to get the hang of the controls but after the first mission it took no time to get sorted out. In all this game is great and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes first person shooter games.



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  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    Call of Duty is huge with the kids and although it has a lot of haters, I think it’s a pretty cool game altogether. They’ve come a long way from the World War II setting, the Modern Warfare games really brought their potential out.

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