Jambery 7 Day Challenge

Judie Sendejas – Jamberry Nails, Independent Consultant Sent me a sample for the jamberry 7 Day Challenge.


This challenge is too apply a jamberry wrap to one nail then polish your remaining nails and see how they last.  So let’s see how this turned out!


Photo 2016-08-16, 12 41 28 AM

To start the challenge I applied a jamberry nail wrap called BUTTERFLY BLISS to my pinky finger nail. After I applied nail polish to the remaining nails.  The jamberry nail wrap takes a bit more time to apply than store brand versions however once on the nail wrap is a much better quality and are very beautiful.( I will be posting the diy later)

Photo 2016-08-16, 9 31 19 PM

Now onto Day 2!

My nail wrap still looks the same as day 1.  My other nails in Polish are also so far still good on the 2nd day.

Photo 2016-08-17, 10 14 37 PM

Here we are at Day 3, my nail wrap still looks the same with no wear or lifting.  Although a bit harder to see in the picture, the nail polish is wearing slightly on the tips was doing dishes. Also there is find cracking lines in the polish.

Photo 2016-08-18, 4 05 26 PM

Day 4 My polish is sad….  Here in the 4th day of the challenge and my nail wrap only has slight rubbing on the tip from daily wear and tear which is hardly noticeable.  My polish on the other hand sadly is now loosing chunks off the sides of my nails as the cracking in the polish becomes worse.

Photo 2016-08-19, 9 02 24 PM

Day 5 is here with 2 more to go.  My nail wrap is till beautiful and intact with only the slight rubbing wear on the tip.  My poor polish is now chipped and missing large chunks  and the cracking is getting worse.

 Photo 2016-08-20, 7 33 52 PM

Day 6 is here one more day to go. My nail wrap as you can see is still hanging on and barely looks worn at all.  There has been no lifting and it is 100% still intact. My nail polish on the other hand is not having such a great time.  I now have large chunks of polish missing from every nail and by this point it is driving me nuts. BUT! we have one more day to go so lets see what the final day brings us.

 Photo 2016-08-21, 6 36 08 PM

IT’S HERE!  Day 7

The challenge has come to a close and the winner is……..JAMBERRY !

The nail wrap still hasn’t lifted and looks just as good as day 1.  My nail polish on the other hand is very sad and almost half gone now.  It’s safe to say that Jamberry has made a good quality product that stands up to their grantees.

I am still a nail art lover and will continue to use polish but I will defiantly be adding jamberry to my supplies to add into my nail art designs.

In conclusion this is a great product and well worth it.

Photo’s by Crystal Gard @ http://www.gardhub.ca


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