The Good Wife Review

5out of 5 Stars

Rated: TV-14

Episode Run Time: 43 minutes

Executive Producers:  Michelle King, Robert King, Ted Humphrey & Leonard Dick


Alicia Florrick is the wife of a politician. When her husband get’s himself caught in a largely public sex & political corruption scandal her life is thrown into turmoil.  Her husband winds up in prison due to his actions . Alicia must  rekindle her career as a defense attorney that she put on hold 15 years earlier , while at the same time attempting to remove herself from her new claim to fame as being a politicians embarrassed wife.  She quickly rebuilds her life and takes charge of her &  the  families future. Watch her through her current and new struggles years later as she embarks on her own firm.


  • The cast of this show are truly spectacular, the detail’s and emotions in the show are so detailed it is amazing.  There is never a dull moment in this show and you can loose hours in a blink of an eye.  You wont regret checking this one out!

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