Top 10 List Of Card Games You Need To Learn Now By Harish Pal

Top 10 List Of Card Games You Need To Learn Now


There are tons of games that are inspiring and the card game is one of them. Cards have always been a big part of people’s life. Most folks of all ages find card games to be fun. These games do not only tend to be exciting and inspiring, they also help to boost logic, memory, and mental skills. If you are looking to have fun and boost your memory with cards, here are top 10 lists of card games you need to learn now.



  • Go Boom Game
    Ideally, 12 players are required to play this game. With the rest of the pile kept at the center of the table face down, each player is dealt with 7 cards face down. To start the game, the player to the dealer’s left plays a card to the center. The next play would either draw a card on every turn until he gets a matching card or plays a card of matching suit. The first player to get rid of his card shouts “BOOM” loudly.
  • Rummy Game
    Also known as Indian Rummy, Rummy is a captivating 13 card game derived from Classic Rummy. It is called Indian Rummy due to its extreme popularity in India. With many great and exciting features, it presents every card game lovers paradise in virtual form.
  • Chase The Ace Game
    While each player is dealt with 1 card exactly, a single deck is used to play the game with 3 or more players with the card face down. Although players can take a look at their cards, other players must not see it. The game begins by either switching card from the player on the dealer’s left or discarding his card to draw a new one.
  • Kemps Game
    The game is played with a single deck, with 2 members in each team. Usually, 4 players are required to play the game but if they are more than 8, 2 decks can be used. When a player has succeeded in collecting four of a kind his partner says “KEMPS” to win the game.
  • Hole Golf Game
    At least 4 players are required for this game. As in Golf Sport, it is aimed at scoring minimum points. With 2 or 4 jokers inclusive, there are 2 standard decks of 52 cards while each player is dealt with 6 cards. Either by swapping or pairing them up, players have to score minimum points to be declared winners.
  • Speed Game
    With 15 additional cards face down, each player is dealt with 5 cards. In Speed, the player who gets rid of his cards on time wins the game.
  • Sevens Game
    Although some players may have 1 card more than others, it is acceptable as cards are dealt equally in order. The player who owns the seven of diamond starts the game. Even when one player is left, the game can still continue.
  • Linger Longer Game
    After cards have been shared among players, the remaining cards are placed at the center of the table as a pile. The trump card of the game is the last card dealt to the dealer.
  • Comet Game
    In this game, 8 of Diamonds is removed from the deck regardless of the suit, 7 or 8 of diamonds are removed equal to the number of players. An additional card is removed to ensure that the cards are evenly divided.
  • Ship Sails
    Cards are distributed face down to each player by the dealer while the rest of the cards are placed outside the table. The objective of this game is to collect 7 cards of a suit. the game ends when a player wins the game by obtaining all seven cards of same suit.


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