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Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey? Tonight’s post is inspired by a wordpress writing prompt. 

Writing prompt have been very helpful and fun for me. I find that prompt can take you out of your comfort zone and have you come up with topics and posts you may not otherwise of thought about. Can they sometimes be hokey though?  Of course they can , but that’s the best part about these, you don’t have to do them all. You can pick and choose at random the ones that you find more appealing to you.  So how do you find these? There are many places to find yourself some prompts to follow. You can use the wordpress ones that I have been following or simply google writing prompts and you will find yourself with many options to choose from. I have never found these to be limiting in fact they open up my horizons and have me writing about thing I otherwise would not have.

Here is a list of places you can find some writing prompts to try out yourself:





Photo by Aaron Burden @

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52 thoughts on “Prompt A little Sneaky

  1. I think writing needs inspiration and the inspiration needs calm, I used to write when I lived in quite place but since I moved to the city it is just impossible to find inspiration, I hope I will write again one day, thank you for you post

  2. I find writing prompts really helpful if I’m having a bad writing day and struggling to get the words down on paper. A writing prompt can help me get started and get over that hump.

  3. Writing prompts are amazing when you’re trying to work on your writing. My ex-husband used to use prompts all the time. I think I want to use some for a challenge for myself!

  4. I agree with you totally about what it means to use a writing prompt. I suppose in the moment, a prompt could be limiting – say, if the prompt is to write something about a man with blue hair. Well, then you can’t give him blonde hair, can you? That’s a limit. But in other ways, I have found prompts to be very inspiring, and some of my best writing has come from prompted exercises that forced me out of my comfort zone.

  5. Writing prompts have lots of great uses. I often use them more as a free writing exercise rather than a way to produce something I publish. But thoughts that arise there influence other things I write.

  6. Sometimes I get writers block or feel like I have talked about every subject I could, but really I am sure there’s other topics I can blog about it just doesn’t come to me that easily. Thanks for sharing the writing prompt though. I saved the links to check out when needed.

  7. I really enjoy writing prompts, especially for blogging. One writing prompt can spark 10 more blog post ideas for me so I’m bookmarking prompts to visit later when I hit a writers block.

  8. katrina gehman says:

    i do best with a deadline and usually at the last min. prob because i can’t slack off any longer and i have to get it done.

  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    This is interesting and it’s a nice way to break away from the writer’s block. I think prompts are really helpful and we could use them from time to time when we don’t exactly know what to write about.

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