Just Don’t Care

Just Don't Care Photo by Brooke Cagle @ https://unsplash.com

Why did I call this just don’t care?  Because I believe that there are  so many people out there that may be like I used to be that care way too much what other people think about them.  For years I have looked to what other people think about me to find my self worth.  The last year has been a tough one for me  and with a lot of soul searching I came to the realisation that to be happy meant breaking away from my thinking and behaviours that I had learned and used for so many years. It’s as simple as you just can’t make everyone happy and not everyone will agree with your point of view or how you do something 100% of the time, and guess what?  THAT’S OKAY. 

Just because someone may not agree or like the way you do something or how you think does not mean you are worth any less or doing something wrong or aren’t good enough. So break free of the chains and live life the way you want to.

So here’s my Just don’t care listJust don't care GIF

  • Just don’t care if you don’t like the way I dress.
  • Just don’t care if you don’t like my decisions.
  • Just don’t care if you don’t like my attitude.
  • Just don’t care if you don’t like my home.
  • Just don’t care if you don’t like my relationships.
  • Just don’t care if you don’t like my body.

In my experience you can live a much happier and fulfilling life when you shred the society opinions of how you should be and stop trying to appease everyone around you.

Photo by Brooke Cagle @  https://unsplash.com

Author: Crystal Gard

I’m a 30 year old Canadian with 3 adorable cats! I’m an avid reader, scrapbooker, blogger, crafter including jewelery making , mixed media art, and watercolour art, among many others and of course cat lover!


44 thoughts on “Just Don’t Care

  1. Congrats Crystal! I do struggle with this from time to time, even when I know that I shouldn’t think that way. But it’s part of human nature to want to be liked and appreciated. Hence, it is a powerful thing to break from that norm and do what you do because in the end, you’re the only one you should bother about pleasing.

    Abigail of GlobalGirlTravels.com

  2. It’s a tough balance to make others happy and not loose yourself in the process. I respect others opinions and realize that not everyone is going to be not the same page. I just don’t understand why people can’t respect others decisions and display kindness!

  3. That’s a great post. It’s good and so freeing when you don’t care what others think. I used to worry about it a lot but recently I decided to let that go myself.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    Life is so much easier if you free yourself from the stress of thinking about what others might say when you do something or decide on something. Good to know that you decided to break free from that!

  5. I hate having to mind what others think of me and I had to learn that the hard way when I was so much younger. These days, I’ve stopped caring and started living for my own happiness.

  6. A lot of people should really think of it our way. I’ve also been in a phase where I really get worried about what other think of me. I’m just so glad I’m holding my head up wherever I go and that’s not pride or anything, that’s just confidence.

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